Samurai Fashion

I have a fascination with the culture of the Far East, especially with medieval japan.  The samurai were noblemen, proud and honorable.  I was thinking the other day how cool it would be to have a fully functional Samurai... Read More »
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Throw A Karate Themed Party

I belong to a social networking group where each month we throw a themed party.  The September event was “The Beach”.  My friend Sam did a good job actually setting up a beach-like area in his back yard.  October... Read More »
Mark | 14 November 2013 | costume ideas | |    

How To Throw A Shuriken

  Disclaimer: Please make sure that you are with adult or professional supervision to avoid unnecessary accidents while doing this. A weapon is always a good companion for your ninja costume. However having and knowing are two different things. Knowing how... Read More »
Mark | 08 September 2013 | Knowing Your Weapons | , , , , |    

William Fichtner will Play Shredder in New TMNT Movie

Today, we learned the exciting news that William Fichtner will be playing the Shredder in Michael Bay’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot. In my opinion, this is really good news. While William Fichtner may not be the most... Read More »
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How to Make a Ninja Costume from an Old T-Shirt

Halloween is still a little ways away, but we all know how quickly it can sneak up on you. Many of us will go to the store to buy a costume for ourselves or our children this year, but... Read More »
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10 Unique Ninja Costumes You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

One of the things that makes this website different from the billions of other websites out there is that we scour the web to try to find things you haven’t seen anywhere else. Well, we all know that finding... Read More »
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New Jaycee Chan Martial Arts Movie Opens This Weekend

Jaycee Chan (otherwise known as Jackie Chan’s son) has a new film coming out and if this trailer’s any indication, we can probably expect to see more of the rising martial arts star. Share your comments below! Especially if... Read More »
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4 Street Fighter Costumes You’ll Love

At this point just about everyone recognizes the characters from the popular Street Fighter franchise. So, being that they’re some of the most popular martial-arts themed costumes out there, we thought we’d make a shord list of the 4... Read More »
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The Teenage Turtles Are Back in Comics Again! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arguably) started the very first martial arts themed costume craze. Now, the boys in green are back, this time in comic book form. The first issue came out this week and has been receiving... Read More »
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Top 5 Martial Arts Costume Accessories

One of the best kept secrets of the Halloween costume masters is the addition of additional props and accessories to their costume toolkit. Too often, Halloween-goers will be so happy with finding a packaged costume that they’ll forget that... Read More »
admin | 11 August 2011 | general costume tips | |    
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