How To Throw A Shuriken

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Disclaimer: Please make sure that you are with adult or professional supervision to avoid unnecessary accidents while doing this.

A weapon is always a good companion for your ninja costume. However having and knowing are two different things. Knowing how to hold and use a weapon can make noob look like a master with just a little effort.

So today we’re going to look at how we can learn how to throw a shuriken. We are going to look at two types; bō shuriken (棒手裏剣, stick shuriken) and the and the hira shuriken (平手裏剣, flat shuriken) or as we popularly know as the star shuriken.

The Star Shuriken

This video by Tom Rosanelli teaches us the proper way of holding and throwing a star shuriken. Basically it boils down to two pinching technique. However he teaches two grips; the trigger grip and the more typical pinch grip.

The trigger grip is executed, as the name  suggested, like you are holding the shuriken as a gun and squeezing the trigger. You then roll back your arms holding the shuriken pointing your elbow to the target. You hold up your other arm perpendicularly across and as you throw and hit your other arm you release the shuriken.

The typical pinch grip comes much easier. You pinch your shuriken in between your thumb and index finger. Then roll back your arms, point with your elbow to your target then swing your arm from the elbow – not from the shoulder, you will lose control of direction.

The Stick Shuriken

The bō shuriken  should be handled a little different. So what you do is hold the shuriken considering two points. The center of the gravity must be on the tip of your index finger while the end of the grip should rest comfortably around the lower mid of your palm. For the throwing technique, it’s best that you watch the latter half of the video.

Learning to throw the bō shuriken  will take for practice compared to the star shuriken because techniques will vary depending on the distance of the target. If not properly mastered, your bō shuriken will have the tendency to spin and go frenzy. You don’t want that. So practice, practice and practice.

What’s next?

Maybe before you only got the looks of it but  now you have the skills of ninja too. Be more confident now that you are becoming more and more of a ninja.